Monocept has a Patent in the AI and NLP which is about:

“A humanoid agent that speaks, understands, and learns languages or patterns intelligently and is capable of verifying complex facts to enable a decision or a task.”
With a huge potential for application in insurance, banking, travel and ecommerce to name few, Monocept has achieved a huge milestone in innovation.

At present, Monocept is working on an advanced OCR/ICR product named Monocept Maker Process (MMP)


MMP is designed to replace manual maker process with a cloud-based system. MMP is a multi-tenant solution with isolation at the kernel-level, on-demand scalability, flexible pricing model, and many other advantages. It allows manpower engaged in the maker process to be engaged in top-line activities like business development.The MMP is provided for both printed (MMPP) and handwritten (MMPH) documents or forms.It is customizable to forms, mode of capture (scanned or mobile), etc. Our advance team would take care of such requirements in consultation with the client.