Our enterprise architecture expertise helps you succeed

The enterprise architectures built by Monocept are capable of seamlessly interoperating with a plethora of devices, including web, desktop, tablet, mobile and TV in a version independent manner.

Enterprise application development presents a number of unique challenges and the Monocept engineering team, fanatically devoted to engineering excellence, is adept at meeting them all. Our applications handle databases that run to several terabytes and transactions that number as high as a billion with entry points in the hundreds of thousands.

We build more than just software

Monocept engineers are well-versed in building Microsoft.NET, Java-based, LAMP and C++ enterprise solutions. We understand that different industries have different requirements, and have our teams to provide solid expertise in enterprise architecture across a wide range of vertical markets.

Monocept specializes in:

  • Architecture Development
  • Product Enhancement
  • Enterprise Security
  • Product Performance
  • Architecture Review
  • Automation
  • Manged Infrastructure

Reduced the cycle time by 98% through performance consulting for a Florida based Financial Service Management software service provider.

We build scalable, secure and reliable enterprise architectures which provide the highest level of performance well into the future

What our clients say

Monocept has a dedicated and enthusiastic team. When we started the journey with Monocept, it was a tough situation where they inherited an existing code base. Monocept has been ensuring that our projects are delivered successfully with minimal disruption. It has been a great journey & we are taking this business relationship to the next level. Thanks to Monocept

-Head of IT, Health Insurance Company India