Roll out higher quality products while accelerating the speed of application development and change through DevOps.

In this ever-changing and increasingly digitised environment, it has become incumbent on organisations to either follow suit or risk losing valuable new and prospective customers to companies who can stay abreast with the rapid pace of change.

DevOps is a software development model or approach in which a single group of DevOps engineers work together to and take end-to-end responsibility of the software or application, throughout its life cycle, while optimising for growth and scale.

Ensure quality through Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration and Continuous Feedback mechanisms.

Monocept builds a DevOps culture that promotes better working relationship within the company across different teams thereby ensuring reliable software delivery on time, every time. Our DevOps practice is based on agile and lean principles which enables the collaboration between business owners, development, operations, and quality assurance teams to deliver software in a continuous stable manner.


Insights on DevOps

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What our clients say

“I have been working with Monocept for quite some time. They have done a fantastic job all the while solving my problems in QA automation. I strongly recommend them for any complex projects. They have made my life easy”

-Director Analytics and Ad Technology, US cable and Satellite television