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US$ 13.5 Billion of our clients' revenues

We fuel US$ 13.5 Billion of our clients' revenues

through our Software Engineering Excellence

saving Millions of $$ YoY for them.

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Monocept is proud to be a Microsoft Silver Partner and we are Happy to be conceded

by Microsoft for - Our Commitment to Clients, Consistent Capabilities and Expertise

Par excellence.​​
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We deliver clean and well-tested
applications that exactly do what you
want them to do.
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World Class Organizations
We partner with large organizations such as Seamless
to help them in beating their technical challenges.
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More than 5,000,000
as few of our Apps stand as top rated Mobile Apps​

Why Choose MONOCEPT?

At Monocept, we work like a law firm; offering personalized services. We believe and strive for engineering excellence.

Our Senior Leadership team has vast expertise in large-scale Software Product Development. They are former Microsoft Engineers and they have instilled the same know-how in the Monocept Engineering team.

Our Engineering team has a profound interest in Architecture, Design and Codes. We deliver products emphasizing on quality, performance and software security through strong engineering processes and practices. We define and measure our success by various criteria including client satisfaction and value realization.


Intuitive experience for clients: We deliver the most natural and intuitive IT experiences for our clients and make the transformation easy and quick.

Building responsive applications: We design and engineer App’s that are made to deliver the expectations every time, in time.

Optimising infrastructure: We give our clients the flexibility to connect with the web and access cloud to optimize – performance, increase accessibility and lower the cost.

“We at Monocept enable the extension of your business to Information Technology and make IT transformation a simple and natural selection for the success of your business.Today IT is business and we help you focus, accelerate and evolve your business with IT”.
Manav Gaur, C.E.O.



01 Nov 2014

Monocept Launches dinerKonnect: City-based software development company Monocept on Friday announced the launch of its new product ”dinerKonnect”

14 Apr 2014

‘Voting Line’ serve as real-time trackers to gauge election trends across the country

10 Apr 2014

The Voting Line app enables the users to experience real time Voting trends across India

08 Apr 2014

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